Zahra Network Consultants Limited

We have been successfully delivering tailored networking services to businesses for many years. Whatever the size of the network infrastructure, be it a large corporate multi-protocol wide area network or a small cluster of PC's, Zahra Network Solutions can provide a complete range of network consultancy, installation, maintenance and networking support.

Zahra Network engineers can provide customers with a network that will protect their investment and support delivery of new applications for many years to come, through a combination of qualified and accredited networking staff, leading edge network analysis tools and up-to-date technology.

Providing Bespoke Solutions, Zahra can supply a complete one-stop network solution to suit your specific business requirements. Whether it is a totally new installation, or the enhancement of an existing network, Zahra's experts can implement a bespoke, flexible and fully upgradeable network that will allow for any future changes to your business.

By listening to your specific problems and requirements, our consultants can provide tailored solutions, not off the shelf answers. They will advise on systems and project planning, carry out detailed site surveys, map the cabling requirements and recommend the most appropriate software and hardware for a total networking solution.

Zahra's complete Network Solutions incorporate

  Network operating systems & application software
  Structured cabling for voice and data
  ServersMemory & tape backup
  Disaster recovery
  Fault tolerance
  Internet connectivity and security
  Anti-virus software
  Software Support programs
  Website Design
  Fax Gateways

Why choose Zahra Network Consultants Limited?

Zahra provides a wide range of software and IT services for UK businesses that together encompass a one-stop-shop for all corporate IT provision. It's 14-year pedigree, access to the latest technology and broad range of IT specialists makes it the technology choice for companies across the UK.

Providing everything your company needs to design or enhance a networking system, Zahra offers a wide range of leading edge network analysis tools, networking products and advanced cabling systems. As today's networks are facing increasingly greater demands, Zahra is committed to providing complete solutions that will provide superior performance and reliability, both now and in the future