Zahra Support Services provide the following :

Proactive support to keep things running smoothly.

When it comes to business-critical computer systems, prevention is definitely better than cure. Our proactive support and remote monitoring services ensure that preventable problems are avoided, whilst maximising server and network performance.

Reactive support when things go wrong.

Modern systems being what they are, things go wrong. Hardware failure, software updates or user error - whatever the cause, when problems arise you need them sorted out quickly and effectively. We have over ten years' experience in network support, and offer a rapid response support service that is unmatched in the industry.

Disaster Recovery expertise.

Should the worst happen - for example fire, flood or theft - how will you cope? Our expertise in business continuity planning and disaster recovery can help prepare you for these events, enabling you to get your systems and data back online in the shortest possible time. It may never happen - but if it does, you'll be grateful you spoke to us.

Specialist skills.

In our experience customers often lack specialist skills in small but vital areas, and find it hard to justify the cost of recruiting or training additional staff to cover them. We can provide specialist skills as and when you need them, in areas such as Business Continuity / Disaster. Recovery planning; Virtual Private Networks and secure remote access; data and network security; Unix and Novell networks; Oracle and Lotus Notes/Domino databases and thin client technologies.

Independent advice and conflict resolution.

Far too often we have seen customers struggling with grey area problems - the hardware supplier says it's a software problem, whilst the software supplier says it's clearly a hardware problem. We can cut through the confusion, identify the true cause of the problem, and then assist in fixing it.

Backup for existing support teams.

We can provide an invaluable last line of defence in situations where existing IT staff are overwhelmed or need extra help with a particular problem. We also provide a cost-effective way of engaging additional resources on an individual project basis.