Zahra Consultancy Services

Over the years we have acquired considerable expertise in a number of specialist areas including:

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning.

More and more organisations are facing up to the possibilities of major system outages. Fire, flood, power cuts or theft - the risks may be small but the potential impact is huge. Statistics show that 30% of all businesses that suffer a disaster never recover. We can help ensure that should the worst happen, your business will survive.

Virtual Private Networks and Secure Remote Access.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and secure remote access offer organisations enormous benefits in terms of fast, cheap links to the corporate network. VPNs are typically deployed to provide remote access to the office for remote and mobile workers, or to link multiple offices and sites together. Any application that runs on your network can be deployed through a VPN to remote workers and sites, anywhere on the planet. Whether you want better site-to-site communications or the ability to access your applications from a laptop or PDA whilst out of the office, we provide turnkey VPN solutions that are fast, cost-effective and extremely secure.

Data and Network Security.

Networks these days are exposed to a wide range of threats such as viruses, trojan horses, software exploits, denial-of-service attacks, disgruntled employees, human error and even corporate espionage. As organisations rely more and more on their IT systems, so these threats become more significant. We can analyse your systems and networks for vulnerabilities, and work with you to minimise the risks.

Unix and Novell Networks.

Many organisations use Novell or UNIX systems because of the benefits they offer in terms of reliability, performance and scalability. However these benefits come at a price - the need for specialist skills to support them. We can provide those skills for you, so you don't have to recruit or train full-time specialists.

Oracle and Lotus Notes/Domino Databases.

We can provide experienced consultants to help manage, install, upgrade or troubleshoot the world's leading database and groupware products.

Thin Client Technology.

Another area experiencing huge growth, thin client technology offers tangible benefits and enormous cost savings to businesses. These benefits include reduced telecommunications costs, a greatly reduced need to upgrade workstations all the time; better application performance across wide area networks; better application performance for remote and mobile workers; and greatly simplified management of application software. It's no wonder that every single Fortune 100 company makes use of thin client technology.

Firewalls and Internet Security.

Almost every organisation has access to the Internet these days. Not all of them have adequate protection from it, however. Even when organisations have deployed firewalls and employed full-time staff to manage them, we still find cases where they are exposed to the Internet. We can check your firewalls to make sure you're as safe as you should be.